(Copper Flower)

Designed by the artist with you in mind. This singular piece sits on a simple metal stand. The piece earns “points” because the clay is formed into flower petals. Copper glazes are treated completely different than crackle glazes. While with the crackle glazes you want the piece to go through an oxidation process and to cool so the glaze will crackle while transferring from the kiln to the reduction chamber, the copper glazes should soak up as little oxygen as possible, you want the piece to go from the kiln to the reduction chamber as quickly as possible. This causes the glaze to have as much reduction as possible and can pull out vibrant flashes of color from the glaze and end with either a matte or glossy depending on the type of glaze that you use colorful look

Description: The bowl is approximately 16 inches Diameter with fluted edges. The fluted or ruffled flounce that trims the outside of my bowls, is unique to my pieces, as is the lace inset on the front and back of each piece.

Price: $352.00


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