(Wall Hanging)
Leaf Face

Leaf man forest face mask The leaf man forest face mask is the Celtic guardian of the forest and all growing things; a symbol of the cycles of life and death, renewal and resurrection. His many changing faces as shaman, trickster, mysterious challenger, forest wildman and consort of the great mother goddess, appear in ancient Celtic and medieval architecture, world mythologies, folklore and ceremonies. Environmental activists around the world call upon leaf man in their work to protect, preserve and restore earths endangered places. The leaf man is also known by other names such as father nature, spirit of the woods and legend of the woods. He can be hung outdoor in your garden or yard or indoors in your home or office.

These decorative masks are distinct and will fit with any decor in your home or office. Can also be hung outside so they greet your guests when they come to call.

Description: Each mask is approximately 14 inches long by 9 inches wide by 3 inches deep.

Price: $50.00



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