Excess Mojo develops web-based custom applications for e-Commerce, online marketing and operations. Builds and integrates databases in several platforms and repairs, upgrades and maintains applications.

Excess Mojo's development tools include Ultradev, Interdev, ColdFusion Studio and Drumbeat Applications


  •  Email Contact Management
  •  e-Commerce/Shopping carts
  •  Interactive websites
  •  Static websites
  •  Interface design
  •  Employee reporting
  •  Project reporting
  •  Project managment
  •  Database driven newsletters
  •  Database driven catalogs
  •  Hosting


  •  Specialize in web-based applications using ColdFusion
  •  Develop web-based applications using PHP, JSP and ASP
  •  Build and integrate databases in Oracle, SQL, MySQL and Access
  •  Test hosts applications on Windows 2000 Server and ColdFusion MX
  •  Programming skill sets include C++, VB, JavaScript and PERL