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ARPANET ~ network ~ LAN ~ WAN ~ NIC ~ T1 ~ Frame Relay ~ ethernet ~ token ring ~ http ~ html ~ ftp ~ URL ~ gopher ~ TCP/IP ~ PPP ~ Unix ~ NSF

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Free E-mail Sources E-Mail Software Clients
  • Netscape Communicator
    • Messenger
  • MS Internet Explorer
    • Outlook Express
  • Eudora from Qualcomm
E-Mail Directories

Phone Directories

Mailing Lists
  • Listz - The mailing list directory
  • CataList: Catalog of LISTSERV lists
USENET and Bulletin Boards Terminology
ASCII ~ flaming ~ IMAP ~ ISP ~ MIME ~ netiquette ~ newsgroup ~ OSP ~ POP3 ~ Smileys ~ SMTP ~ snail mail ~ spam ~ thread ~ Uuencode ~ USENET 


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Downloading from the Net Anti-Virus Protection Download Sources Browser Plug-ins Terminology - plugin - zip files - download - ftp
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What is Java?

Sample Applets

What is JavaScript?

JavaScripts Sources

ActiveX ~ applet ~ JAR file ~ Java ~ Java chip ~  JavaScript ~ mouse rollover 
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Adobe Portable Document Format Animation Audio & Video Browser Plugins Real Time Conferencing Music Copyright Issues Terminology
gif ~ jpeg ~ png ~ avi ~ mpeg ~ Quicktime ~  shockwave ~ flash ~ pdf ~ plugin ~ streaming media
WebCAMS WWW Graphics
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What is DNS?
  • DNS (domain name system) 
  • The domain name system (DNS) is the way that Internet domain names are located and translated into IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. A domain name is a meaningful and easy-to-remember "handle" for an Internet Protocol address.
  • A domain name consists of a hierarchical sequence of labels separated by periods and read from right to left. Example:
  • Top-level domains (TLD) such as .edu (education), .com (commercial) and .org (non-profit organization; identify the nature of the organization.
  • Worldwide, there are approximately 33 million unique domain-name registrations.
  • Domain Name Registration DNS Lookup Services
    IP Addresses Various Domain Name Registration Sites:
    1. DomainRegister
    2. WorldWideDomains
    3. Zipwell Online
    4. InterNIC Registration Services
    5. Pro3
    6. Domane
    domain name ~ DNS ~ InterNIC ~ nslookup ~ IP address ~ dot address
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    Flash Kit
    The Best Flash site on the net. You'll find everything you need that's related to Flash right here.

    NavWorks Flash Foundry
    Flash Foundry is a membership area packed with a virtual grab-bag of interfaces, goodies (buttons, animations, gradients--even a customizable Flash-based quiz game), audio loops, sound effects, and tutorials.

    Flash Planet
    Looking for something specific? Try searching, from one location, for links to many of the web's hottest and most current informational sites for tutorials and open source Flash movies. You can even add our search interface to your site for visitors to search from.

    For those who wish to learn Flash and beginners who have doubts about Flash, this is what the Flash User Group is all about. Whether you are a Flash guru or a Neophyte in this industry, we welcome you to join us.

    Set the Size and Position of the Projector Window.

    Macromedia's Flash Homepage
    The home of Flash. Check here for the latest news and updates!

    Full screen Flash site providing information on Flash and Macromedia Generator.

    ShockFusion is a service of Fusion Incorporated, an industry-leading provider of web applications and new media design. ShockFusion is provided as a free resource for Flash developers worldwide. With a unique mix of technical innovation and style, the site is designed to deliver a compelling and immersive online experience.

    FindTutorials is a Web index and search engine dedicated to bringing you the best of the Web's tutorials and online courses. Featuring a large and constantly expanding database, which is categorized and closely monitored to make sure only the best and highest-quality sources are listed.

    FLash Academy
    Turorials, Examples, Source, and Scripts for Flash and Actionscripting.

    Quintus Flash Index
    The quintus flash index makes an attempt to index a huge amount of sites that are created using Macromedia Flash (Shockwave), and preferably in a fresh, nifty or just plain cool way. The number of sites that uses this eye pleasing technique is growing daily, and this means the list will never be complete, but it also means that new sites are added on a daily basis.

    We have a vision for FlashMagazine to become the best place to get information on Macromedia's Flash.

    The ultimate knowledge base for multimedia developers.
    Our mission is to help Web developers and designers understand how to use tools and design to enhance online communication.
    Wonderful source for Flash. He offers free, downloadable Flash .fla's, step-by-step tutorials, and even workflow suggestions. A "must visit" for any Flash developer.
    A little daily dose of Actionscript Brought to you by David Emberton.

    Macromedia Flash Site Design
    Online forum for design feedback on your Flash animations. Dedicated to the discussion of Flash design, animation principles and practices. Other issues not specific to the Flash tools, yet important to Flash designers can also be discussed here.

    Macromedia Flash
    Discussion group for technical issues related to creating dynamic Web content using Flash, Aftershock for Flash, and the Flash Player Java Edition.

    Macromedia Generator
    For users of the Generator authoring extensions, the off-line Generator application and the on-line Generator application. This group hosts discussions of installation, troubleshooting, and general usage, as well as feedback on Generator features.

    Macromedia SWF
    This group discusses questions and issues regarding the SWF File Format and its establishment as an open standard for vector based graphics on the Web.

    Macromedia Flash FAQ
    Usenet forum for Macromedia Flash FAQ's for this News Group are locared here.

    Yahoo's Flash Club - Flash 4
    Yahoo Club featuring Web Design flash 4 & 5, Photoshop, free source.

    Yahoo's Flash Club - Flash Focus
    The idea behind this club is that it can be a place to exchange tips and tricks and keep up on the latest news on Flash development, areas of interest and great sites that you may have done using the Flash technology from Macromedia.

    Yahoo's Flash Club - Flash Websites
    The premiere club for all aspects of Macromedia FLASH4 and learning FLASH5. The best place to post questions relating to basic and advanced features, tips and tricks, graphic design, and the logic of actionscripting.

    This page allows you to search through 1000+ selected (and sometimes edited) posts from Flash 4 lists.

    We're Here Forums
    A heavily taveled forum with some of the best Flash help around.

    Macromedia Flash White Paper
    This is a link to the Macromedia Flash white paper. You will need an Internet connection to read this 11 page document.

    Macromedia Flash Player File Format (SWF)
    This document will help explain the open source SWF file and SDK license issues for Flash. This is a link to the Macromedia Web site. You will need an Internet connection to read this document.

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    Macromedia Flash Component Kit for ColdFusion
    PREORDER Professional ColdFusion 5.0
    PREORDER ColdFusion 5.0 Web Application Construction Kit
    Coldfusion 5.0 FAQ Questions and answers presented to provide information about availability and functionality in ColdFusion Server 5 and related Macromedia products.
    Coldfusion 5.0 Open Source UDF's The purpose of the Common Function Library Project (CFLP) is to create a set of user-defined function libraries for ColdFusion 5.0. These libraries are open source and may be used and modified to your liking.
    Go back to ColdFusion 5.0 Release Notes (Part I) Relase notes about coldfusion 5.0.
    ColdFusion 5.0 Release Notes (Part II): New Features Part II of the ColdFusion 5.0 Release Notes contains information on New Features in the new version.
    InfoWorld Review 2001 Very favorable review of Coldfusion 5.0 and makes comparison vs. Java application servers.
    What's New in ColdFusion Server 5 Learn what's new in Coldfusion 5.0.
    What's So Great About User Defined Functions Here is a sneak preview of Coldfusion 5.0's user defined functions.
    Katun Coldfusion Tips Sample Coldfusion code samples and Coldfusion tips.
    MacroMedia News Latest Macormedia Stock Price and News
    Allaire Links Allaire Links Security Bulletins, Clustering Issues and more)
    Coldfusion 4.5.1 Service Pack 2 Get the latest service pack version of Coldfusion Server.
    Coldfusion 5.0 Links Coldfusion 5.0 tips, links and tutorials
    Coldfusion Discussion Forums Coldfusion Discussion Forums. Get free support for your Coldfusion technical forums.
    Coldfusion Events Coldfusion conferences and events.
    Coldfusion Hosting Coldfusion Hosting Solutions
    Coldfusion Reviews Coldfusion Reviews
    Coldfusion Scalability Articlesand links related to Coldfusion scalability.
    Coldfusion Security Find articles, white papers, tools and discussion groups related to Coldfusion security.
    Coldfusion Tools & Applications 3rd party Coldfusion tools and applications.
    Coldfusion Training & Testing Coldfusion certifiacation, training and practice tests.
    Coldfusion User Groups Coldfusion user groups
    Custom Tags/Third Party Software Coldfusion Custom Tags and Third party Links
    Top Coldfusion Sites Some of the top large Coldfusion sites
    Find Out About Allaire the Company Find out about allaire the company. What's going on with the stock, their financials, what the message board rumors are.
    10 ColdFusion Scripting Tips If you've gotten your feet wet with ColdFusion, these tips should clue you into some more advanced techniques that will really enhance your coding.
    Advanced Coldfusion Development Advanced Coldfusion development course online guide
    Allaire Coldfusion Product FAQ This FAQ answers basic questions about ColdFusion. Both new ColdFusion customers and current customers looking for details on ColdFusion 4.5 will find this document particularly informative.
    Alliare WAP Alliare WAP technology resources. Great site for CF WAP developers
    Allaire Wirless Zone Learn more about the Allaire wireless strategy.
    4runner Developers Ltd Lots of all-around great Coldfusion stuff
    Application Design With Coldfusion This article presents tips and techniques to help you come up to speed on ColdFusion application design.
    ASP vs. Coldfusion Comparison An informative message from a discussion list about coldfusions Awesome Performance!
    ASP vs. Coldfusion ASP vs. Coldfusion competitive matrix
    Ben Forta's Website CF author
    Ben Forta's Pound Sign Article Great article on the use of #(Pound signs) in Coldfusion
    Bay Area Coldfusion Code Snipits Some great ColdFusion code snippets you may find very useful.
    BrainBench CF 4.5 Coldfusion Test BrainBench offers practice exams for Coldfusion Certification. Also earn BrainBench Certification. Also take Java, JavaScript, HTML and many other tests free.
    CF 4.5 Features Figleaf Software presentation on new 4.5 Coldfusion and Studio features
    CfAdvisor CF journal
    CF vs ASP T. Murphy ASP vs. Coldfusion competitive matrix
    CfAdvisor CF journal, Highly recommended
    CFBugTraq CF bugs
    CF Crash Course Read this if you have an interview the next day and you have no idea what Coldfusion is.
    CFCommet Great source for Coldfusion COM examples. Learn how to interface with Excel, Word and Outlook via Coldfusion.
    CFConf.Org Find out about a Coldfusion seminar or conference in your area.
    CF-Developer An array of Coldfusion and web developer links. Also allows for the creation of free CF Web hosting space.
    CFHub Nice all purpose Coldfusion Portal with samples, tutorials, links and more.
    CF_IKE.Com Tips, articles and CF News. Great site.
    CFInternet.Com Coldfusion code sharing web site
    CF Intro Introduction to Coldfusion
    CF Masters Excellent source for Coldfusion news and links
    CFMCentral CF tips
    CFML to JavaScript This article details how to use this functionality with HTML SELECT statements, and assumes you're familiar with ColdFusion and HTML forms but not with WDDX and JavaScript.
    CFNewbie.Com This is going to be a great site. It is being developed by Allaire certified trainer and Team Allaire member Rey Bango. Sign-up soon.
    CFProgrammers.Com Find job and other Coldfusion related information
    CFM Resources Coldfusion development resource site. Comming soon
    CFObjects cfObjects is a free open-source framework for developing object oriented applications with ColdFusion. The framework was developed by ActiveTier Technologies and is kept alive by the ColdFusion developer community.
    CFScripts.Com CF tips
    CFSpot CF tips
    CFVault.Com Awesome Coldfusion sites that includes great tutorials, news reviews and more.
    CFScript.Com CF Tools, custom tags and other goodies
    CFScript Tutorial This presentation shows you the in's and out's of CFScript
    CFSearch Coldfusion search engines. Search for Coldfusion developers, custom tags, resources and more. Nice site.
    CF Tek-Tips CF tips
    CFTipsPlus.Com Great site. Some very unique Coldfusion tips, CF jobs and more.
    CFUniversity.Com ???, Coming soon.
    CFVelocity Some excellant Coldfusion tutorials. A must see sight. Very unique.
    CFWebtStore Simple, low cost e-commerce package developed with Coldfusion
    CFXtras.Com The Free Resource Library is a searchable index of emails from mailing lists focused on the topic of ColdFusion developement.
    CF ZONE Custom tags
    CodeBits.Com A few neat little code examples. Definitely worth a look
    ColdCuts CF tips
    C-Net Award C-net 1998Best server-side scripting tool
    ColdFusion 4.5 Product Upgrade FAQ This FAQ addresses upgrading to ColdFusion 4.5 from previous product versions � whether through subscriptions, amnesty upgrades, or standard purchased product upgrades.
    Coldfusion Buyers Guide Buyers guide for ColdFusion related products
    Coldfusion Case Studies Coldfusion case studies
    Coldfusion Code Factory CF tips
    ColdFusion Debug Information using Mode=debug This is an awesome article that shows you how to easily turn on the CF debugging information by using this simple URL parameter technique.
    Coldfusion Developers Journal Premiere trade rag on Coldfusion. Available in digital and paper versions.
    Coldfusion Developers Journal Code Library This is the place to go to get the code examples from the magazine.
    Coldfusion Developer News Cold Fusion Developer News
    Coldfusion Documentation Coldfusion documentation
    ColdFusioneer.Com Coldfusion tips, links tutorials and WAP.
    Coldfusion E-Commerce Zone Very useful Coldfusion related e-commerce links
    ColdFusion Expressions This technical note describes ColdFusion expressions -- language constructs that allow you to create sophisticated applications
    Coldfusion FAQ Invaluable FAQ's
    Coldfusion Factory Neat set of tips
    Coldfusion Glossary Glossary of Coldfusion terminology
    Coldfusion Knowledgebase The Allaire Knowledge Base contains technical support resource information, problem resolution information, answers to the most frequently asked hotline questions, tips and techniques, and training information.
    Coldfusion News CF Tips, discussion groups and news.
    Coldfusion Performance Debugging Article Coldfusion performance debugging article
    Coldfusion 4.5 White Paper Coldfusion 4.5 white paper.
    Coldfusion Performance Tuning Articles Excellent source of performance tuning articles for Coldfusion and web servers.
    Coldfusion Questions & Answers Great answers to some interesting Coldfusion questions.
    Coldfusion Release Notes Coldfusion release notes
    Coldfusion Speaks to Flash Great article showing some interesting ways to integrate Coldfusion and Flash.
    Coldfusion Store The ColdFusion store
    Coldfusion Technical Tips Allaire Coldfusion technical tips
    Coldfusion Tips Plus A few CF Snippets including a GreenBar Effect example
    ColdFusion Web Ring CF Web rings. Links, discussion groups and more.
    COM Information about Microsoft's COM specifications
    COM objects in Coldfusion Article Ben Forta's article on COM objects
    CoolFusion.Com This site is dedicated to providing unique and powerful add-on solutions and information for ColdFusion development and implementation. Some nice custom tags too.
    Cool Forms With Coldfusion Great tutorial on Forms and other Coldfusion techniques
    Conquering Coldfusion How I conquered Coldfusion article
    CNet CF Scripting Tips C-NET CF Scripting tip article
    CNet CF Tips II Some very usefull scripting tips
    DeCrypt Free utility to easily decrypt an encrypted Coldfusion template.
    <Defusion> CF tips, Great site.
    DepressedPress.Com Great site with some nice custom tags, tips and more.
    Download Allaire Software Download Coldfusion, Studio and other Allaire software
    Earthquake Tips & Tricks Great ColdFusion tips & Tricks
    FlashCFM provides a community for Flash and ColdFusion developers. With simple to advanced tutorials, this Web site showcases the power of integrating these two technologies. Developers are encouraged to submit their work and make it available for download.
    Fusion Dispatch.Com Great Coldfusion site with excellent Coldfusion news and links.
    E-Commerce Global Discount Foresite-design AbleCommerce global discount plug-in
    EggMap.Com Coldfusion, Java, JSP resources. Some nice links and tips
    FigLeaf Software Leading training and development partner
    Flash/Coldfusion Integration Sample Code Sample code that shows how to integrate Flash and Coldfusion. Definitely worth a look.
    Flash Integration Article Great article on Flash/Coldfusion integration.
    Fusebox The most populer ColdFusion development framework
    Fusion Authority Some very useful advanced Coldfusion tips. Great Coldfusion news snippets.
    Graphing in Coldfusion This article discusses some of the graphing options available to Coldfusion
    Heather Hamilton Coldfusion Research Project Research project on Coldfusion which gives a great overview of Coldfusion and where it fits in with your internet application architecture. A well thought out paper.
    House of Fusion Very useful Coldfusion site including job listings
    House of Fusion ASP vs. CF Compares ASP programming vs. Coldfusion programming
    How to Update/Edit How to update/edit Coldfusion data
    How to Create a Shopping Cart in Coldfusion An article that walks you through the process of creating a shopping cart in Coldfusion.
    IiFrameWork.Com Coldfusion methodology.
    IHS Coldfusion Portal Excellent Coldfusion Links.
    Installing and Configuring Coldfusion Server Enterprise Excellent article on configuring and optimizing Coldfusion enterprise server
    Introduction to Coldfusion Excellent article that explains what Coldfusion is and how it works. Useful for the manager and the new CF developer.
    IRT CF FAQ's 18+ Helpful Cold fusion FAQ's
    Job Express Coldfusion Job Express
    Jrun Allaire's JavaServlet product
    JustColdfusionJobs.Com Coldfusion job search site
    Kristin Matlagh CF Tips Some helpful ColdFusion Tips
    Locking in Coldfusion Great article on Coldfusion locking strategies.
    Locking in CFML Maybe the best article yet on CFML Locking. A must read.
    Looking at ColdFusion Memory Usage This article describes some of the available metrics for tracking memory usage in Microsoft's Windows NT/Windows 2000, Sun Microsystems' Solaris, and Linux
    Metacor.Com Sign up for Allaire training, custom tags and Coldfusion consulting.
    More Coldfusion Documentation Great site for CF documentation including course documentation
    NY CF User Group User group
    Oracle Best Practices Great article on Oracle/Coldfusion best practices.
    PsyberSpace.Net Lots of great Coldfusion links, resources and tips.
    Putney CF Tutorial Nice little tutorial on Coldfusion basics
    QuickStore Simple, low cost e-commerce package developed with Coldfusion
    Recommended Server Platform Performance Settings Recommended server performance settings for a Coldfusion server. Highly recommended
    Serving Dynamic WML Content using ColdFusion This article teaches you how to server dynamic content via Coldfusion.
    Secure Credit Card Transactions with ColdFusion Setting up a commerce site on the Web using ColdFusion? In this second article of a two part series, Anil Gurnani walks you through the basic architecture for implementing secure credit card transactions on the Web.
    Session-management in ColdFusion Learn how to use session-management in ColdFusion; Maximizing cookies, session variables, and URL-appended values
    Service Pack Get the latest Coldfusion service packs. These service backs contain the latest bug fixes and enhancements.
    Site Spotlights Coldfusion sights in the spotlight
    Spectra Allaire's ColdFusion Application Framework
    Structures and Arrays in ColdFusion This article presents an introduction to structures, how they're coded, and how to capitalize on some of their features.
    SysteManage.Com Some nice Coldfusion tips. WAP stuff too.
    RTB Examples Nice set of CF Examples showing syntax and code
    Team Allaire Tutorials Awesome Coldfusion tutorials. A must see site.
    Tipworld Coldfusion Tip News letter
    TopStyle StyleSheet add-in for ColdFusion studio editor
    Transforming XML to Application Data Using WDDX Like HTML, XML is a tag-based language. Unlike HTML, XML consists of user-defined tags to describe elements of data. This TechNote introduces XML, and provides an example of transforming XML data to application data using WDDX.
    TutorialFind CF Tutorials Great set of CF Tutorials. Some very unique tutorials, worth a look.
    Tweaking The Coldfusion Administrator Great article on tweaking the Coldfusion administrator for performance and server stability.
    Understanding Verity Collections in ColdFusion This article outlines the basic components of Verity, how it integrates with ColdFusion, and a few best practices for using it.
    WAP Allaire Coldfusion Reference Desk Some great Coldfusion WAP tips by Allaire.
    WAP Q & A with Allaire's Ben Forta Ben Forta answers questions about WAP and Allaire's WAP technology direction.
    WebVisions CF Tips CF Tips
    WDDX.Org Web Distributed Data Exchange
    Web Design 2000 Some great Coldfusion and E-Commerce PowerPoint Presentations.
    Webopedia Online dictionary of Web based terminology
    WebTricks.Com Very nice site with CF code samples, custom tags and more. Worth a look.
    Wildfusion.Com Where Coldfusion is a way of life. Coming soon.
    Windows NT Mag Article Windows NT Magazine article January 1999
    Writing Maintainable Code This article examines coding best practices for writing maintainable code, including consistent variable naming conventions, code structure, and comments.
    XML Part 1 Learn XML basics and about how allaire integrates with XML.
    XML Part 2 This article focuses on how XML can be used to build protocols that facilitate open communication between applications.
    Zeal Coldfusion Coldfusion custom tags, links, web rings and more.

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